Forms Needed For Childcare and Youth Sports at JB MDL

Forms Needed For Childcare and Youth Sports at JB MDL

Youth Sports Team League Registration
Central Registration

Bldg. 3435 Broidy Road
JB MDL McGuire

609.754.3259 / 3274 / 3098

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday: 8am – 3:30pm

mcguire youth programs

Bldg. 3830 E. Scott Street
JB MDL McGuire


Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday: 10am – 5pm

Did you know that Youth Sports & Fitness Programs offers various sports leagues right here on JB MDL? Little League Baseball, Little League Softball, Soccer, and Basketball leagues take place throughout the year.

Learn the basic skills in a safe and nurturing environment, and get an equal chance to play regardless of skill level. It’s open to all FSS/MWR eligible Military Dependents ages 5 – 18 years.

Costs are $45 for early registration and $55 for late registration for all age groups.

For more information on Youth Sports, call 609.754.5912 or the Youth Sports Hotline at 609.752.6933.

LeagueEarly RegistrationRegular RegistrationLeague Season
Little League Baseball/Softball (Registration for 5-16 year olds)Cost – $55 Mid-February – Mid-MarchCost – $55 From Mid-March until full2nd week of April – Mid-June Practice starts 3rd week of March
Soccer (Registration for 5-16 year olds)Cost – $45 Mid-June – JulyCost – $55 Mid-July until fullSeptember – November Practice starts late August
Basketball (Registration for 5-18 year olds)Cost – $45 Mid-October – Mid-NovemberCost – $55 Mid-November until fullJanuary – Mid-March Practice starts in December
High School Basketball (Registration for 15-18 year olds)Qualified Youth OnlyQualified Youth OnlyDecember – March Practice starts early December Tryouts Mid-November
Youth Flag Football (Registration for 7-15 year olds) Cost – $55 Mid-February – Mid-MarchCost – $55 Mid-March until full2nd – 3rd week of April – Mid June Practice starts 3rd week of March
Youth Track (Registration for 7-15 year olds)Cost – $25 Spring Early Registration: 3rd week of February – 3rd week of March Fall Early Registration: Mid-June – Mid-JulyCost – $35 Spring Season: 3rd week of March until full Fall Season: Mid-July until fullSpring Season: Mid-April for eight weeks Fall Season: Mid-September for eight weeks
Youth Bowling (Registration 7 – 15 year olds)No early registrationCost – $85 (Cost includes all costs for bowling) Spring: Mid-February until start of sessions Fall: Mid-June until start of sessionsSpring: Ten sessions starting 2nd week of April Fall: Ten sessions starting 3rd week of September