87FSS Fitness Center at JB MDL Lakehurst

Fitness Access Program

Fitness Access Program

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87FSS Events Calendar

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Fitness on Request Kiosks

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Welcome to the 87FSS Fitness Center at JB MDL Lakehurst!

Bldg. 123 Severyns Road
JB MDL Lakehurst


Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday: 5am – 9pm
Saturday – Sunday: 8am – 4pm
Holidays and Family Days: 8am – 5pm

Sports Program Office

Monday – Friday: 8am – 4:30pm


Fitness Program Office

Monday – Friday: 8am – 4:30pm


Please note: 
The parking lot in front of bldg. 123 will be closed from February 13 thru February 17 for a repaving project.
Temporary parking available in three locations: 1) across the street from the Eastside parking lot, 2)
Southside of Hangar 1 and, 3) Rear of bldg. 123. Two temporary Handicap Parking spaces located at the
rear of bldg. 123. During this time ID check is done at the rear of bldg. 123.

87th Force Support Squadron

New! Group Exercise Classes offered at Lakehurst Fitness Center

No pre-sign ups required but class size may be limited. For additional information call 732.323.7266. All classes take place at the Lakehurst Fitness Center and start at 11:30am.


14 Spin-$2.00

15 Yogafit- FREE

17 Pilates-FREE

21 Spin- $2.00

22 Intro to TRX-FREE

23 Kickboxing-FREE

28 Spin- $2.00


1 Yogafit-FREE

3 Pilates-FREE

7 Spin- $2.00

9 Kickboxing-FREE

14 Spin-$2.00

15 Yogafit-FREE

17 Pilates-FREE

21 Spin-$2.00

23 Kickboxing-FREE

24 Kettlebell Workshop-FREE

28 Spin-$2.00

29 Yogafit- FREE

31 Pilates- FREE

Now Available! Massage Therapy Services at Lakehurst Fitness Center

Patrons can enjoy NEW Massage Therapy services at the Lakehurst Fitness Center.  Our certified professionals can help provide relief from muscle pain, aches, and other physical ailments through massage therapy. Bookings start on 14 February, Appointments available starting on 1 March

All appointments allow for 15 minutes of paperwork and 1 full hour of massage therapy for 60-minute massages.

Please contact Michelle Bermudez at michelle.bermudez@us.af.mil for additional information, or call the customer service desk at 732.323.7266

Appointments available on WEDNESDAYS during the following time blocks:

4:00-5:15pm (60-minute massage)

5:15-6:30pm (60-minute massage)

6:30- 7:45pm (60-minute massage)

7:45-8:30pm (30-minute massage)

Appointments available on SATURDAYS during the following time blocks:

8:45-10:00am (60-minute massage)

10:00- 11:15am (60-minute massage)

11:15- 12:30om (60-minute massage)

12:30- 1:45pm (60-minute massage)


Promotional Pricing (during month of March only, unlimited purchases):

60 minutes: $45

Regular Pricing:

60 minutes: $60

30 minutes: $40

Sports Massage (per minute): $1.50 per minute

60 minute pre-natal massage: $65

Bundle Pricing:

3x 30 minute massages: $100 ($20 savings, expires 3 months after issue)

3x 60 minute massages: $150 ($30 savings, expires 3 months after issue)

6x 30 minute massages: $150 ($30 savings, expires 6 months after issues)

6x 60 minute massages: $240 ($120 savings, expires 6 months after issue)

The 87FSS Fitness Center at JB MDL Lakehurst provides a wide variety of fitness facilities and equipment for all patrons‘ needs. The 3,400 square-foot weight room features controlled weights and extensive free weight area, cardio room with up-to-date treadmills, elliptical, stair steppers and bikes with remote headphones and satellite TVs. The 87FSS Fitness Center at JB MDL Lakehurst also offers an aerobics room, two racquetball courts, college level basketball court dividable into three sections for volleyball courts. Towel services, showers and locker rooms are also available.

Programs offered in the Sports and Fitness areas are, intramural sports, football, basketball, softball and volleyball. Special events include sports challenges, monthly 5k runs and walks and more.