The FSS 2016 Summer Concert Series Says Thanks


Thank you Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst for a great 2016 Concert Series. This year the 87th Force Support Squadron presented Craig Morgan and The Billy Walton Band, Kansas and The Steppin’ Stones, Kool & The Gang and the 319th Army Band, Reel Big Fish and Full Spectrum, The Plain White Ts and No Mistake. Simply Southern, iRun New Jersey Food Trucks, Famous Dave’s Barbecue, Joe’s Crab Shack, and Philly PR Girl Food Trucks fed the best people on the planet while they enjoyed each concert.

The 87FSS presented each event free of charge to you but they were not free of charge to the 87FSS to present. Funding came from QRP funding, MWR (FSS) funding, and the generous funding from our commercial sponsor partners. In total, over $500,000 was spent in acquisition, production, food and general support.

And 87FSS did not produce the series alone. The efforts of the following individuals are both recognized and appreciated. Along with JB MDL, Mission Support Group and 87FSS leadership, each contributed to the success of the FSS 2016 Summer Concert Series.

319th Army Band

Full Spectrum

No Mistake

The Billy Walton Band

Capt Anthony Chanrasmi / 87ABW

Capt Timothy Ellis / 108WG

Kenneth Gordon / 87CES

Lisa Ross / 87CES

David Deinhurdt / 787CES

Clarence Lewis / Recycling Center

MSgt Matthew Francis / 87SFS

MSgt Arthur Dennis / 87SFS

SrA Brandon Hughes / 87SFS

TSgt Tianna Harris / 87SFS

SrA Edward Landeros / 87SFS

Jackie Clayton / 87SFS

SMSgt Ronald Thomas / 87SFS

MSgt John “Mighty Joe” Young / 87SFS

SSgt Rashon Battle/ 87SFS

SrA Dianna Laird / 87SFS

A1C Justin Crocker / 87SFS

SrA Abraham Smith / 87SFS

MA1 Jeffrey Maehl / 87SFS

MA2 Anderson, John / 87SFS

MA2 Koppenhaver, William / 87SFS

MA2 Brian Ferri / 87SFS

MASN Christopher Santiago / 87SFS

A1C Steven Runfeldt / 87SFS

SSgt Ashlee Blandford / 87SFS

MA2 Ashlea Skully / 87SFS

SrA Alysa Smith / 87SFS

TSgt Michael Horsley / 87SFS

SrA Thomas Groves / 87SFS

A1C Kyle Fountain / 87SFS

SrA Mackenzie Callahan / 87SFS

MSgt Arthur Dennis / 87SFS

SrA Kevin Murriell / 87SFS

TSgt Robert Hawkins / 87MDOS

Lt Col Jeanine Hatfield / 87MDG

Chief Jeffrey Lutz / 87CES

Steven Robertson and Team / 87CES

MSgt Christopher Dudas / 87CES

MSgt Juan Cabal / 305MXS

George Diorio / 87ABW/XP

Leslie "Scott" Ivins / 87AMDS

Lars Yahn / 87CES

Timothy Leary / 87CES

Lakehurst Electricians Scotty and Tom

Cindy Severs / 87FSS Resource Management

James Kelly / 87CONS

Sandy McKay / 87FSS/Ops LKE

Marianne Tatcher / 87FSS Community Activities

William Richardson / 87FSS Community Activities

Kenneth Mosby / NAVAIR

Ernest Yeager / 87FSS Outdoor Recreation

David Bertagnoli / 87FSS Outdoor Recreation

Lulani Lobdell / 87FSS Outdoor Recreation

Jose Villegas / 87FSS Outdoor Recreation

John Fines / 87FSS Outdoor Recreation

Kenny Anderson / 87FSS Outdoor Recreation

Brandon Gentry / 87FSS Outdoor Recreation

Val Mendoza / 87FSS Golf

Amber Sauceda / 87FSS Pudgy’s Sports Pub

Bruce Reeves / 87FSS Pudgy’s Sports Pub

Cherie Vorngsam / 87FSS Pudgy’s Sports Pub

Jennifer Thayer / 87FSS Pudgy’s Sports Pub

Jim Armstrong / 87FSS Fitness & Sports

Jennifer Mason / 87FSS Fitness & Sports

Kathy Harting / 87FSS All American Inn

Mike Kraemer / 87FSS All American Inn

Christie Hagan / 87FSS All American Inn

Jodi Hovis-Skiba / 87FSS All American Inn

Tinsley Edwards / 87FSS All American Inn

Larry Green / 87FSS Logistics

Dave Kolarsick / 87FSS Logistics


SrA Michael Borbon

SSgt Jordan Beatty

SSgt Gregory Beets

SrA Josue Ramos

Ryan Gauze

SSgt Kyle Greenley

SRA Jonathan Myers

A1C Chase Doyen

TSgt Ben Cowgill

A1C Chase Doyen

SSgt Timothy Bilbrey

A1C Jeffrey Hensyel

Alex Zimmerman

Drew Zimmerman

SrA Marcus Eveillard

SSgt Justin Mosier

PO1 Dave Hernandez

SrA Holden Anderson

SSgt Eric Booker

SSgt Drew Carey

SSgt Nicholas Cook

SSgt Josh Writer

TSgt Lauri Garrett

A1C TJ Hardy

A1C Jacob Haveraneck

SrA Jacob Kunde

SrA Joseph Park

SrA Casey Ridge

SrA Thomas Wilson

SSgt Joshua Benner

Lt. Stephanie Boone

SSgt Courtney Cambio

SSgt Michael Chapman

A1C Daniel Dennis

SrA Willie Franklin

SrA Gemaude Sanders

MSgt Brian Marseglia

Phillip Mayger

SrA Max Pages

TSgt Zach Schneider

Christina Stengele

SSgt Michelle Stevenson

A1C Christopher Anaya

A1C Dorrian Brooks

TSgt Mervyn Coudray

MSgt Harvi Davila

TSgt Nicholas Lopitz

A1C Nijee Marshall

SSgt Craig Plaisted

A1C Kyron Triplett, Jr.

SSgt James Weimer

SrA David Baker

A1C Marc Caruso

A1C Ian Duffy

SMSgt Michael English

The Keystone Club

A1C Daniel O’Neill

SrA Michael Pessalano

SSgt Derrell Wright

Amn Jazmine Echols

Amn Anthony Giudice

Samantha Jones

A1C Walker Jones

A1C Tikeya Strong

TSgt Lance Browning

TSgt Justin Buchholz

SrA Jared Mateu

Alex Hamilton

SSgt Michelle Stroud

A1C Gregory Halter

MSgt David Godley

A1C Timothy McNeal

Craig Dutton

A1C Karen Carrola

A1C Raymond Gilbert

A1C Darius Haskins

Amn Adrian Velasquez

SrA Joshued Celeste

TSgt Joseph Smith

MSgt Andrew Babbini

SrA Felix Marte-Cotto

SrA Nathaelle Felix

TSGt Greta Spradley

A1C Sarah Mock

PFC Luke Fields

LS3 Drequan Rickard

LS2 Shawn Samaroo

LS2 Brandon Higgins

LS2 Christopher Figeuroa

PO1 James Price

Scott Gerike

Nicole Stephens

SSgt Lawrence Stephens

SSgt Bradley Maust

PO1 James Price

A1C Daniel O’Neill


Pedro Pratts / Ritchie & Page

Chris Kelly / Ritchie & Page

John Allen / Ritchie & Page

Sam Lipiro / Budweiser

Dana Mensah / Kind LLC

Sloan Bennett / Kind LLC

Antuanette Nika / Kind LLC

Daniel Myers / Kind LLC

Michael Hurley / USAA

Karen McCoy / USAA

Thomas Featherstone / USAA

Grace Delgado / USAA

Adam Beal / USAA

Andres Ramos / USAA

Ramon Cross / USAA

Kristin West / USAA

Santos Carrion / USAA

Marjorie Ketterer / AT&T

Timothy Nemeth / AT&T

Brendon Poole / AT&T

Kelly Barnes / AT&T

Chris Campo / AT&T

Ryan Nutt / AT&T

Bharath Ramanth / AT&T

Marz Rodriguez / AT&T

Krystal Rodriguez / AT&T

Jadelyn Eggleston / AT&T

Nicole Paradiso / Sprint

Eddie Stallings / Sprint

Karissa Karafin / Sprint

Ashley Rhea / Sprint-Samsung

Melissa Ferrara / Sprint

Maree Dunker / Andrews Federal Credit Union

Millicent Armstrong / Andrews Federal Credit Union

Mona Harris / Andrews Federal Credit Union

Anita Johnson / Andrews Federal Credit Union

Bionca Soler / Andrews Federal Credit Union

Kaylee Abbott / Andrews Federal Credit Union

Andrew Caporella / Andrews Federal Credit Union

Leddie Rodriguez / Andrews Federal Credit Union

Jeff Bloom / US Family Health Plan

Rhonda Harris / US Family Health Plan

Pamela Kwiat / US Family Health Plan

Josephine Grey / US Family Health Plan