FSS Fitness Center McGuire

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Fitness Access Program

Fitness Access Program

Aerobics Schedules for all fitness centers at JB MDL

Aerobics Schedules

Click here to view the 87FSS Events Calendar!

87FSS Events Calendar

Welcome to FSS Fitness Center McGuire!

Bldg. 2504 POW/MIA Blvd.
JB MDL McGuire


Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday: 5am – 10pm
Saturday, Sunday, Holidays & Family Days: 9am – 5pm

***Click here for the Holiday Hours during the holiday periods***

With a focus on fitness and wellness, the 87FSS Fitness Center McGuire. serves the joint base community with a variety of programs and fitness activities in a state-of-the-art facility. The 87FSS Fitness Center McGuire offers a wide selection of weight training to include 99 various free weight Nautilus machines, many cardiovascular exercise machines, two gymnasiums, three racquetball courts and men’s and women’s locker rooms with steam rooms, saunas, showers and daily use lockers.

Outdoor facilities include a rubberized track, soccer fields, and lighted softball fields. The Fitness Center McGuire also has extensive intramural sports program basketball, volleyball, golf, flag football and racquetball. For more information about the intramural sports program please click here.

The 87FSS Fitness Center McGuire offers specialized services to customers including micro-fit testing, cycling workouts, and body fat evaluations.

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Armed Forces Bowling Championship
Triathlon - Flyer
Basketball - Flyer
Volleyball Flyer
certified trainers are available

The 87FSS Fitness Center JB MDL McGuire has certified personnel to help you with all of your training needs from Fitness 101, Circuit, Weight and Targeted Training, and Cardio Workout programs. Please call 609.754.6085 to start becoming the new you!

WellBeats Kiosk System
WellBeats Kiosk available 24/7!

87FSS Fitness Center JB MDL McGuire is equipped with the WellBeats Kiosk System, an instant 30-40 pre-loaded fitness classes include both audio and visual elements to guide users through high and low intensity aerobic workouts. Select your class from Fusion (Yoga), Vibe (Dance), Stomp (Step), Rev (Spin), Kinetics (Circuit Training) and TKO (Kickboxing).


All personnel utilizing a 87FSS Fitness facilities will comply with the guidelines set forth in the dress code. In addition to maintaining good order and discipline, this guidance will help ensure the health and welfare of all patrons.

Appropriate clothing must be worn to maintain a proper image in a military and family fitness facility. Attire must be conservative and modest in nature. obscene/offensive language or graphics are prohibited. Athletic attire and athletic-type shoes will be worn in all activity and equipment areas. Military utility uniforms are authorized to be worn during workouts and members may remove their utility uniform coat (shirt); however, t-shirts must be worn. Only court shoes with non-marking soles will be worn on hardwood floors; boots are not authorized on treadmills or hardwood floors. Casual slacks/shorts and jeans are considered non-exercise attire and are not to be worn. Due to safety concerns (including an increased risk of dehydration and heat illness), garments made of plastic, rubber, nylon, etc., that are specifically designed to increase the amount of perspiration, are not authorized in any fitness facility, to include outdoor running tracks and fields. Patrons not wearing proper attire will be asked to change into appropriate exercise clothing or leave the facility.

Click here for Dress Code poster: https://gomdl.com/wp-content/uploads/Fitness-Dress-Code.pdf

Fitness Assessment (FA) Option

Squadron Commanders now have the option to choose testing all their members internally or to continue utilizing traditional testing methods. If commanders choose to test them internally, PTLs will conduct fitness assessments using Fitness Assessment Cell (FAC) facilities/equipment. If they elect to continue utilizing traditional testing methods, unit members will continue scheduling tests thru their Unit Fitness Program Managers (UFPMs), and will be tested by FAC personnel. FAC ran testing times will remain the same to accommodate units who choose not to test within their squadron. Squadrons participating in internal testing will be permitted to reserve and utilize the FAC outside of official FAC testing times.
Please contact your Unit Fitness Program Managers (UFPMs) for more information.

Fitness Assessment Options
Events at Fitness Center McGuire
Masquerade 5K Run

February 25, run starts 7:30am.

Open to all DoD ID holders age 18+.

Register to run by Tuesday, February 4.

In celebration of Mardi Gras, let’s start the day with a 5K run! Bring your mask. We’ll present beads for the best Mask! 


Sponsored in part by New Jersey Natural Gas and Rothman Orthopaedic.

    https://www.njng.com/       https://rothmanortho.com/

022520_masquerade 5K run-01
030220_March Muscle Madness-01
March Muscle Madness

Month of March.

Let the madness continue and come join us 3x a week - Monday, Wednesday and Friday – all month long for MMM workout! We will be working different muscle group each day; two sessions each day: 6:30-7:30am and 3:30-4:30pm. Open to all DoD ID holders age 18+. 


Basketball Skill Show Off!

Wednesday March 18.

Time to show off your basketball skills! Come out to the FSS Fitness Center McGuire, 12noon, and participate in the 3 point shooting. Free and open to DoD ID holders age 18 & above.


Color Run 5K

Friday April 17, 3pm, open to all DoD ID holders.

Registration open March 25 thru April 16.

Enjoy the spring weather and start the weekend off happily by experiencing a fun run full of color!


Sponsored in part by New Jersey Natural Gas.


Bench Press

Tuesday April 28, 3pm , free and open to all DoD ID holders age 18+.

Registration open March 20 thru April 10.

Participants get one chance to do one clean lift of the required weights. The start of weights will be 225lbs for males and 105lbs for females and will be increasing by 5lbs, Winner receives a Spartan trophy.