Military and Family Support Center (MFSC)

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Exceptional Family Member Program at JB MDL

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Bundles for Babies

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School Liaison Services


•  Thursday, December 26: MFSCs are closed to walk-in/phone customers.

•  Thursday, January 2: MFSCs are closed to walk-in/phone customers. Only Emergency Financial Assistance Customers will be seen; must come in person.

MFSC McGuire

Bldg. 3435 Broidy Road


Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday: 7:45am – 4:30pm

***Click here for the Holiday Hours during the holiday periods***

MFSC Lakehurst

Bldg. 488-2 Walsh Drive


Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday: 8am – 4:30pm

***Click here for the Holiday Hours during the holiday periods***

The Military & Family Support Center (MFSC) incorporates the Airman and Family Readiness Center, Army Community Service and Fleet & Family Support Center. The Military and Family Support Center (MFSC) supports individuals, families, and leadership with programs and services to strengthen communities, encourage self-sufficiency, enhance mission readiness and ease adaptation to the military way of life. The center serves singles, couples and families alike. Services are provided to military members of all branches of service, DoD employees and their families. Whether you are new to the military, new to the Joint Base or a seasoned pro, the MFSC is here to support you and your family. Services are provided on a walk-in basis, individual appointments, workshops, events or just a phone call away.

Military OneSource Is Now Available to Veterans and their Families for a Full Year After Separating from the Military

Washington, D.C., (Aug. 13, 2018) —The Department of Defense (DoD) announced extended eligibility for Military OneSource benefits from the current 180 days to 365 days after separation or retirement from military service to ensure all service members and families have access to comprehensive support as they transition to civilian life. This change goes into effect 13 August 2018 in accordance with the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2019.

As a DoD program, Military OneSource offers a wide range of services designed exclusively for the military community. Services include help with relocation, tax support, financial planning, health and wellness coaching, as well as confidential non-medical counseling and specialty consultations for spouse employment, education, adoption, elder care, special needs and much more.

View full article.

The United States Immigration and Citizenship Service Available

Learn how to apply for U.S. Citizenship, petition for service members and family members to immigrate to the U.S. USCIS personnel are available for one-on-one appointments (offered monthly) to answer questions on pending applications, work and employment authorizations. *Note, must be a DoD ID holder with base access.

Appointments are required; call the Military and Family Support Center at 609.754.3154 (JB MDL McGuire) or 732.323.1248 (JB MDL Lakehurst). 

United States Immigration and Citizenship Services (USCIS) Naturalization Seminar

Department of Veterans Affairs Benefits Advisors are available on JB MDL in Bldg. 3011 Tuskegee Airmen Avenue, JB MDL McGuire and Bldg. 5418 on JB MDL Dix. If you have questions about your VA Benefits, please contact us for assistance at; 609.754.0563/0558 or 609.562.3683/4830/2105.


Visit the MFSC Career Center where you will find a collection of all career-related classes, special events, links, and local job postings. To access the career center, you can click on the Career Center icon at the bottom of at any time or, click here to learn more.

Scholarship opportunity for NJ active, guard, reserve, retired or fallen for Military Spouses

The National Military Family Association has extended a scholarship opportunity for NJ active, guard, reserve, retired or fallen for Military Spouses. This program is specifically looking for spouses from NJ with $1,000.00 scholarships. Scholarships can be used for traditional degrees along with certification programs and professional licensure (i.e. Nursing, teaching).

Please send NJ spouses to apply for a scholarship today! Apply here!

The MFSC covers a wide scope of programs that includes:
Information and Referral Program

Information & Referral is a clearing house which provides telephone and in-person assessments to help determine your needs and the right resource. You may be referred to a Military and Family Support Center program or to another organization on or off base. The MFSC maintains an extensive list of available services and contact information.

If you are unsure of where to turn, please call one of our MFSC locations and a specialist will point you in the right direction.

Discovery Room

Located within the MFSC there is a Discovery Room with Free Wi-Fi as well as access to computers with Internet, printers, and base/local community information. Employment opportunities are also posted on a jobs board.

Family Readiness/Resiliency

Deployments, temporary duty travel and remote assignments are synonymous with life in the military and present unique financial, legal and relationship challenges for members and their families. Family Readiness prepares the entire family for separation through planning. In addition to education, support groups are available to assist the family member during the separation.

The Hearts Apart Program connects spouses, children and family members with others experiencing separation via emails, activities and monthly events. Hearts Together morale calls connect deployed members with loved ones. Pre & Post -deployment briefings are held every week. Spouses are encouraged to attend.

Exceptional Family Member Program – Family Support (EFMP)

EFMP is a mandatory enrollment program that works with other military and civilian agencies to provide comprehensive and coordinated community support, housing, educational, medical and personnel services to families with special needs (child or adult). Any physical, emotional, developmental or intellectual disorder that requires special treatment warrants enrollment.

EFMP Services include:
  • Family Support Services and Crisis Intervention
  • Medical and Educational Information and Referral
  • Relocation Assistance
  • Advocacy Services
  • Accessibility and housing
  • Support groups
  • Respite information
  • Recreational and cultural activities
  • EFMP Coordinating Committee
  • EFMP overseas screening

Please click here for more information.

Personal Financial Readiness Program

Personal Financial Readiness provides financial education, information, and one-on-one counseling. Goals are to help maximize your purchasing power, improve your standard of living, reduce stress and anxiety during financial crisis, and increase personal productivity. The Financial Readiness Program assists service and family members with improving their credit reliability, reducing indebtedness and making their money work for them. Services include a personal financial evaluation, budgeting information, credit management, debt management resources, basic investment information, credit report/score, and workshops/seminars.

For a comprehensive overview of the Personal Financial Readiness Program, please click here.

Emergency Financial Relief Services

Air Force Aid Society, Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society & Army Emergency Relief provides emergency financial assistance to active duty service members, retirees, National Guard and Reserve Component on active duty for over thirty consecutive days and their family members with ID card and power of attorney.

Employment Readiness / Career Focus Program

The Career Focus Program is an employment resource program. The Career Focus Program provides no-cost consultations, programs and services to help families in the job search process. Consultants are available to guide spouses and DoD civilians on career planning, job seeking and resume writing, as well as to help them prepare for interviews and negotiate offers. Services include: Civilian & Federal Resume reviews/assistance and job application assistance, Information about educational opportunities and workshops with emphasis on career and personal development. Job fairs are an integral part of the employment program. Several are held each year in the local area. NEW! For upcoming career events, please click here to visit our Career Center.

Volunteer Program Opportunities

Looking for an interesting and rewarding experience? Become a volunteer! Volunteers provide invaluable support to the base community, donating thousands of hours each month at agencies across the installation. Volunteers enjoy personal satisfaction that comes from helping others and contributing to the mission. Plus they can grow professionally from their experiences.

Relocation Program

Family Support Center has information about Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst and neighboring communities available for newly arriving members, as well as service members and families preparing to depart the area. Our relocation services include individual counseling with a personalized needs assessment, information on local schools, and Smooth Move Seminars and workshops for parents and children, overseas information, Sponsorship Training, Citizenship and Immigration Services and International Spouse Group.

We encourage relocating service members and spouses to attend the monthly Newcomers Orientation and Spouse Newcomers Orientation Seminars that provides an overview of the Joint Base and includes a base tour.

“E” Sponsorship Program

Taking care of our newly assigned and soon to be assigned folks is so very important. Being a good sponsor is one of the most important yet under appreciated roles you can take as a military member. Sponsorship training is required for all sponsors. Being a great sponsor does so much to relieve the tension and anxiety of moving and settling in at a new or first duty station. E-Sponsorship Training is your first source for sponsorship needs. All of the resources for training and post training tools and information are available through this online resource.

Transition Assistance

The Transition Assistance Program (TAP) renamed Goal, Plans, Success (GPS) offers separating or retiring personnel an individual transition plan to ease reentry into civilian life. Consider beginning transition planning at least one year prior to retirement or separation. MFSC provides both TAP/GPS workshops and pre-separation counseling as well as information about additional training tracks. TAP/GPS is designed to provide necessary tools to effectively transition from the military to the civilian community. Mandatory pre-separation counseling, TAP and CAPSTONE are three separate requirements. Pre-Separation briefings are held most months weekly and must be completed prior to the attendance of TAP/GPS. CAPSTONE is held weekly via appointments after the completion of Pre-Separation and TAP/GPS.

Personal and Work Life Program

Provides information and education about a variety of life cycle issues to assist you in developing resilience skills that assist in navigating a mobile military life style. Includes parenting, healthy relationships, and communication skills, among others, to help you strengthen your interpersonal competencies and social relationships.

Provides training and support for Spouse Leader Program (Key Spouse, Ombudsman & Family Readiness Group leaders). Military Spouse Link orientation program designed for those who are newly married or just interested in learning more about military Life. Information is given about community resources, TRICARE, deployments, and more. This program is offered quarterly and is offered to all branches of service.



Casualty Assistance Representative – The Casualty Assistance Representative (CAR) works closely with commanders at all levels to ensure the success of the program. The CAR works closely with survivors of retired Air Force members to ensure potential benefits applied in a timely manner. The CAR provides limited casualty service to members of sister services, certain foreign nationals, and civilians. The CAR provides information about the Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP).

Military and Family Life Consultant - Provides non-medical short-term, situational problem-solving counseling to all branches of the military and their families. Completely confidential and private, except for duty-to-warn situations. Services can be provided on or off military installations. The consultants cannot meet you at your home or your car. Services provided to individuals, couples, and families. They are mandated reporters of child abuse, domestic abuse, and other duty-to-warn situations.

Military Family Support 360 Project - SPAN’s Military Family 360 Support Center is a one-stop center assisting military families — active duty and retired military and National Guard and Reserve personnel throughout New Jersey, who have infants, toddlers, children and youth ages birth to 26 with disabilities. Military Family 360 assists military families by: Developing a Family Plan to address concerns; Assisting with access to Family Resources; Offering training sessions on advocacy for accessing quality services, health care, education; Offering family to family emotional support and information; Linking you to leadership opportunities to ensure the family voice in decisions about military assistance programs and services.


Army Emergency Relief: 609.562.2767

Air Force Aid Society: 609.754.3154

Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society: 732.608.3444

Events at Military & Family Support Centers (MFSC)
Hearts Apart Holiday Party

This special Hearts Apart Holiday Event includes a Free lunch buffet and Santa Claus! The event is open to any service member or family that experienced deployed/TDY (more than 30 days) or remote/unaccompanied tours this year or who will be leaving on a deployment/TDY (more than 30 days) remote/unaccompanied tour December 2019/January 2020. Connect with other service members and families that have experienced or will be experiencing a deployment.

- Saturday December 7, 11:00am-2:00pm at FSS Tommy B's Community Activities Center, Bldg. 2705 E. Arnold Ave., JB MDL McGuire.

Pre-registration is required, .

When registering, please annotate names of children & ages attending with you.

For further information call the Military and Family Support Center at McGuire 609.754.3154 or Lakehurst 732.323.1248.

The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work Series  

A new monthly workshop series designed to deepen your knowledge of one another, strengthen your relationship, and safeguard against divorce. 

"Turning Toward Each Other instead of Away"

Exercise to build romance, your emotional bank account and teach stress reducing conversations.

- December 9, 2:30pm-4:30pm, Bldg. 3435 Broidy Road, JB MDL McGuire 

"Your Love Maps and Turning Toward Each Other Instead of Away"

Use interactive games and exercises to build your marriage and relationship. Light breakfast provided.

- January 25, 9:00am - 12:00pm, Bldg. 3435 Broidy Road, JB MDL McGuire

Register online or contact the Military and Family Support Center McGuire 609.754.3154 or Lakehurst 732.323.1248.

Troops to Teachers
Sponsorship 101

Looking to pay it forward and enhance the relocation process for newly assigned members and families to JB MDL? This workshop is just for you! Attendees will receive access to Electronic Sponsorship Packets along with instructions and support on Sponsorship and monitoring of the Sponsorship Program. eSAT training is required for all Sponsors. Sponsors and monitors of the Unit Sponsorship Program are encouraged to attend.

- January 27, 9:00am-10:00am. Bldg. 3435 Broidy Rd., JB MDL McGuire. Pre-Registration is required. 

Register online or call the Military and Family Support Center JB MDL McGuire 609.754.3154 / JB MDL Lakehurst 732.323.1248.


All separating or retiring Service Members must attend this MANDATORY workshop to meet transition requirements. Prerequisite: Individual Initial Counseling required. Spouses are encouraged to attend. 

- MFSC McGuire: December 5, December 19, January 13, January 16, from 1:00pm-4:30pm

- MFSC Lakehurst: TBA from 9:00am-12:00pm

Military Classroom
Military Classroom
Newcomers’ Orientation

Newly arrived military personnel, spouses and civilians from all branches of service are encouraged to attend this orientation. The orientation provides an overview of the installation, support agencies, and community services. Be sure to stop by the Information Fair (held i conjunction with Newcomers' Orientation) for an opportunity to speak face-to-face with numerous local and base helping agencies. 

No pre-registration necessary.

• Newcomers' Orientation: 7:45am - 3:30pm

• Information Fair: 9:45am - 10:15am

Date: January 7,

Location: Timmermann Center, Bldg. 5441 8th Street, JB MDL Dix


TAP Curriculum gives the foundation for service members and their families to be better prepared to transition from military to civilian life. 5-day curriculum consists of VA Benefits & Services, Managing Your Transition, Military Occupation Crosswalk, Personal Financial Readiness, Department of Labor Employment Workshop, Unemployment and Survival Benefit Plan.

MANDATORY Prerequisite: Individual Counseling (IC) and Pre-separation Briefing (eForm DD-2648). Spouses are encouraged to attend. Pre-registration required. 609.754.3154 or 732.323.1248.

Transition "TAP" Curriculum
@ JB MDl McGuire
- December 9-13, 7:45am-4:30pm
- January 6-10, 7:45am-4:30pm
- January 27-31, 7:45am-4:30pm
Transition "TAP" Curriculum
@ JB MDL Lakehust

- December 2-6, 7:45am-4:30pm

Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) Uniformed Services - Invest in Your Future

This workshop is targeted to new military members or those unfamiliar with TSP and will provide a basic overview of TSP. Some of the topics to be covered will be the rules governing TSP enrollment/participation: How to make contributions, Investment funds and options and TSP components and features.

- MFSC McGuire: January 22, 9:00am-10:30am

- MFSC Lakehurst: January 14, 9:00am-10:00am

Pre-registration is required,  For further information call the Military and Family Support Center at McGuire 609.754.3154 or Lakehurst 732.323.1248.

Thrift Savings
Troops to Teachers
Troops to Teachers

A program that assists eligible members of the Armed Forces with the transition into a career in public school teaching (K-12). Participants will receive assistance towards teacher licensure and finding employment in a school. Financial assistance in the form of a stipend or bonus may also be available to eligible participants. This briefing will cover information on the program, teacher licensure and employment. If you are interested in learning more about the teaching profession and how you can make a difference in the lives of young people, register today for a session! Pre-registration is required, .

- December 5, 10:00am-12noon, Bldg. 3435 Broidy Road, JB MDL McGuire

For further information, call the Military and Family Support Center at McGuire 609.754.3154 or Lakehurst 732.323.1248.

Budgeting for My New Place / Leaving the Dorm

Consolidated information on moving out of the dorm. Includes budgeting, government housing info, United Communities, legal and much more. Pre-registration is required,

Location: Bldg. 3435 Broidy Road, JB MDL McGuire.

Dates:                                        December 16, 1:00pm - 3:00pm              - January 3, 9:00am - 11:00am                - January 23, 1:00pm - 3:00pm  


Moving In
Man Carrying Cardboard Box
Smooth Move 

Relocating is no easy task, your MFSC is here to ensure you have a “Smooth Move” to your next destination! This workshop will assist you with organizing your “To Do” list and provides an overview of helpful relocation resources to ensure a stress-free and well-planned permanent change of station. Spouses are encouraged to attend. 

Pre-registration is required.

Time: 9:00am - 10:00am

Dates: December 18, January 29

Location: Bldg. 3435 Broidy Road, JB MDL McGuire

Finances for Life Changing Events

Life happens and finances often take a back seat. No matter what your life event is, most times money is affected and obtaining the tools to successfully navigate the event can reduce stress and financial hardship. This workshop is for anyone who is experiencing or may experience a life changing event such as Marriage, Divorce, New Baby, Single Parenting, Promotion, PCS or Illness. One-on-one appointments are also available for an in depth budget or specific resources.

- TBA, 9:00am-10:00am, Bldg. 3435 Broidy Road, JB MDL McGuire

- TBA, 9:00am - 10:00am, Bldg. 488 Walsh Drive, JB MDL Lakehurst

Pre-registration is required,

Close-up of couple doing finances at home
Group sharing a note

We are excited to introduce a new monthly workshop series for young service members called #ADULTING.

The workshops feature essential life skills for healthy and successful functioning in adulthood such as Grocery Shopping, Meal Prepping, Money 101, Stress Management, Relationships/Communication, and so on.


- Gift Giving on a Budget: December 6, 11:30am - 12:30pm, Bldg. 3435 Broidy Road, JB MDL McGuire

- Meal Prep: January 14, 3:30pm-5:30pm, Bldg. 3435 Broidy Road, JB MDL McGuire

- Creating Your Own Portfolio: January 16, 12:00pm - 1:00pm, Bldg. 488 Walsh Drive, JB MDL Lakehurst

Register Here: 


Call 609.754.3154 for more information.

Volunteer Orientation and Training

A one hour orientation for current volunteers and those who are intending to volunteer at various agencies and organizations recognized by JB MDL. Participants will receive information and coaching on how to register as volunteer, track service hours, be recognized and receive awards i.e. JB MDL Volunteer Awards, VEA and Points of Light Presidential Awards.

- January 28, 10:00am - 11:00am at Bldg. 3435 Broidy Road, JB MDL McGuire.

Pre-registration is required, .

For further information call the Military and Family Support Center McGuire 609.754.3154 or Lakehurst 732.323.1248.

white heart and bokeh on wooden floor vibrant for background, soft and blur concept
Hearts Apart

A program designed for spouses, children, and loved ones of Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force or Coast Guard military members currently deployed on extended TDY (more than 30 days), or serving a remote tour. Program features dinner, activities for children and resources.

Pre-registration is required.

Time: 5:30pm - 7:30pm

Date: TBA

Location: Tommy B's Community Activities Center (Bldg. 2705 E. Arnold Avenue, JB MDL McGuire)

Coping with separation

A 2-hour interactive workshop for spouses who are currently experiencing a separation due to deployment/remote tour/TDY or who may have a deployment/remote tour/TDY in the future. Participants will be equipped with valuable information and practical tools in developing the families' game plan in dealing with the onset of separation issues during deployment to reunion. Participants will receive Spouse Comfort Kit which includes: a tote bag, personal journal notebook and other deployment related handouts.

Register online or call the Military and Family Support Center at McGuire 609.754.3154 or Lakehurst 732.323.1248.

A light lunch will be provided.

Time: 11:00am - 1:00pm

Dates: TBA

Location: MFSC McGuire, Bldg. 3435 Broidy Road, JB MDL McGuire

Coping with Being Apart
Military Deployment
Support for Families Experiencing Deployments

A light lunch will be provided. This 2-hour interactive workshop is for families who experience deployments, TDYs or remote/unaccompanied tours of duty. Participants will receive valuable information about coping with deployments and services available. 

- TBA, 11:00am-1:00pm, Bldg. 3435 Broidy Rd., JB MDL McGuire. 

Registration required: or call the Military and Family Support Center McGuire 609.754.3154 / Lakehurst 732.323.1248.

Bundles for Babies

2-hour monthly workshop for expectant parents to be. Topics include: Budgeting for Baby, MFSC Overview, Child/Youth Programs, FAP New Parent Support Program and MFLC. All branches of service welcome! Qualified attendees will receive a "Baby Bundle Gift". Reservists must be on Title 10 Orders. This workshop also meet the Birth of a First Child Requirement in My Vector or your service branch equivalent tracking system. *Both member and spouse must register if both will attend.

Pre-registration is required.

Time: 9:00am - 11:00am

Dates: December 19, January 14 

Location: Bldg. 3435 Broidy Road, JB MDL McGuire

Bundles for Babies
Employment Orientation
Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Orientation (DTAP Briefings)

The JB MDL VA Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor will facilitate DTAP briefings providing information about and how to apply to the VA’s Vocational Rehabilitation Program for the following: individuals being separated due to a service-connected disability; individuals who will be medically discharged /retired; individuals who suspect they have a service-connected disability or veterans with a VA disability rating.

Location: Bldg. 3435 Broidy Road, JB MDL McGuire

Time: 9:00am-11:00am

Dates: TBA

Pre-registration is required,

Resume Writing Workshop (Civilian)

This class is a great first step to making your civilian resume the best it can be. Workshop is hands on with topics such as: Basics of Resumes/Cover Letters as well as creating your Career Portfolio.

Pre-registration required.

Time: 9:00am - 12:00pm

- MFSC McGuire: January 15

- MFSC Lakehurst: TBA

Resume Writing
Resume Writing Workshop (Civilian) Evening Class

This evening class is a great first step to making your civilian resume the best it can be. Workshop is hands on with topics such as: Basics of Resumes/Cover Letters/Job Fairs as well as creating your Career Portfolio.

Pre-registration required.

- TBA, 6:00pm-9:00pm, Bldg. 3435 Broidy Road, JB MDL McGuire.

Call the Military and Family Support Center McGuire 609.754.3154 / Lakehurst 732.323.1248.

Resume Writing (10 Steps to a Federal Position)

A must if you are planning on seeking a Federal Position. Topics include: Setting up your USAJOBS Account, Navigating USAJOBS and Application/Resume Musts. Attendees will receive the Kathryn Troutman’s “10 Steps to a Federal Job” book to take home.

Pre-registration required.

• Daytime Class: 9:00am-12noon

- MFSC McGuire: December 5, January 22

- MFSC Lakehurst: January 23 from 1:30pm - 4:30pm

• Evening Class: 6:00pm-9:00pm

- MFSC McGuire: TBA

the word Resume written with vintage typewriter
Resume & Employment
Spouse Employment 101 (Evening)

The military may throw a monkey wrench in best-laid plans, but your career doesn't have to be one of them.  This class will show you the different job routes you can take, along with teaching the basics of resume writing, the job search and what agencies are hiring around the base.

6:00-8:00pm, Bldg. 3435 Broidy Road, JB MDL McGuire. 

Dates: TBA

Pre-registration required:  

For further information call the Military and Family Support Center at McGuire 609.754.3154 or Lakehurst 732.323.1248

Entrepreneurship Training Track

The two-day Transition Assistance Program (TAP) Self-Employment Intensive Training Workshop is offered in collaboration among the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), the Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University (IVMF), the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs. Pre-registration is required,

Time: 9:00am-4:00pm

Date: TBA

Location: Bldg. 3435 Broidy Rd, JB MDL McGuire

Training and Development
Success, Career, Growth, Development
The Career Exploration and Planning Track (CEPT)

CEPT formerly known as the Career Technical Training Track (CTTT), offers Service members an opportunity to identify skills, increase awareness of training and credentialing programs, and develop an action plan to achieve career goals. 

- January 22, from 8am to 4pm at Soldier for Life, Bldg. 5418 W. Delaware Avenue, JB MDL Dix. 

Soldier for Life, 609.562.1756.