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Welcome to the JB MDL Career Center!

We hope you find our resources helpful in all your career goals. We assist ALL services, ALL components, spouses and veterans. Below you will find all of our career resources. Please let contact us if you need any assistance.


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Wounded Warrior Fellowship Program The House of Representatives Wounded Warrior Program was established in 2008 to provide veterans employment opportunities in the U.S. House of Representatives. These two-year fellowships enable veterans to gain experience to help them qualify for career opportunities within the federal government.

Fellowship recipients can work with participating members of Congress at their district offices. Participants will be directly involved with policy casework on veteran-related issues within their districts. Qualified applicants must have served on active duty since September 11, 2001, have an honorable discharge, have 30% or greater service-connected disability rating and fewer than 20 years of military service.

Positions are available in congressional district offices nationwide. Wherever possible, those selected for the program are given the opportunity to transition into full-time employment.

For more information visit the program website at: https://cao.house.gov/wounded-warrior.

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Military Spouse Career Advancement Account Scholarship — Helping Spouses Pursue Higher Education

The MyCAA Scholarship is a workforce development program that provides up to $4,000 of tuition assistance to eligible military spouses. The scholarship helps military spouses pursue licenses, certificates, certifications or associate degrees necessary to gain employment in high demand, high growth portable career fields and occupations. Spouses may use their MyCAA funds at any academic institution approved for participation in the MyCAA Scholarship.

To learn more, please click here.


This program is open to eligible active duty service members transitioning out of the military within six months from the start of this program. It provides transitioning service members the opportunity to build their civilian network, provide exposure and acquire civilian work experience by placement in mid to senior level professional positions with host companies for 12 weeks. 

To apply, visit hiringourheroes.org/fellowships


  • Service members must be on active duty for the duration of the 12-week program and be eligible to work shortly following the end of the program.
  • Applicants must be within 6 months of transition (separation or retirement) from military service at the start of the program
  • Service members much have a bachelor's degree plus 3 years leadership experience or equivalent related experience in your field OR an associate's degree, plus 5 years leadership experience or equivalent related experience in your field.

For more information, please call Karen Hrach, 202.579.5625 or go to HIRINGOURHEROES.ORG/FELLOWSHIPS

Free One year Membership to Lynda.com and Free LinkedIn Premium Account for Service Members and Veterans
lyndalinkedin copy

VA and is now offering Servicemembers and Veterans one year of access to its professional development  site, Lynda.com, at no cost as well as a Free LinkedIn Premium Account.

Lynda.com is an online learning environment that offers thousands of on-demand courses for users to build their business, software, technology, creative and other skills for achieving personal and professional goals. The partnership underscores the value of VA Secretary Bob McDonald's emphasis on strategic partnerships, challenging the VA to expand its partnerships with the private sector to provide enhanced services to our Veterans at no cost to taxpayers.  Servicemembers and Veterans can use their unlimited subscription to take courses in web development, photography, 3-D animation, music production and more, covering all skill levels. Users learn directly from the country's top teachers at their own pace by accessing courses when and where they want. Users choose from 4,258 video courses with the option of creating custom playlists to watch and share with friends or in partnership with VA, LinkedIn also offers Servicemembers and Veterans job-search resources and a one-year premium job seeker account on its own site at no cost.  Among other benefits, the account gives Veterans greater visibility and insight into the LinkedIn network, free InMails and the benefit of becoming a "featured applicant" when applying for a job.

More information please go to: VAntagePoint blog or Veterans Benefits Administration Facebook page.

Scholarship opportunity for NJ active, guard, reserve, retired or fallen for Military Spouses

The National Military Family Association has extended a scholarship opportunity for NJ active, guard, reserve, retired or fallen for Military Spouses. This program is specifically looking for spouses from NJ with $1,000.00 scholarships. Scholarships can be used for traditional degrees along with certification programs and professional licensure (i.e. Nursing, teaching).

Please send NJ spouses to apply for a scholarship today! Apply here!


On Nov 21, 2011, President Obama signed the Veterans Opportunity to Work (VOW) Act, which made service member participation in the Transition Assistance Program mandatory. In addition, spouses are encouraged to attend. The mandatory components occur in the following order:

Pre-Separation Counseling: The purpose is to ensure all separating service members are informed of the transition services and benefits available to assist them and their spouses with the transition to civilian life. In this session, an Individual Transition Plan (ITP) and DD Form 2648 will be started to help identify career goals and pre-separation needs.

  • Transition GPS/Soldier For Life Class
  • Counselor Brief: Transition Overview/Resiliency, Military Occupational Crosswalk, Financial Resiliency
  • VA Benefits Briefing

The Department of Labor Employment Workshop: Covers employment in the 21st Century, job search skills, networking, marketing yourself, negotiating salaries, etc.

Capstone Event: Individual Transition Plan (DD 2958) signed off by transition counselor and commander

When should I attend?

Per the VOW Act, Pre-Separation Counseling “shall commence as soon as possible during the 24-month period preceding the anticipated retirement date” and for separations “as soon as possible during the 12-month period preceding the anticipated date” (10 U.S. Code § 1142(a)(3)(A)). Members are strongly encouraged to attend as early as possible. Classes may be repeated and all VOW Act mandated documents are valid for 2 years.

All branches of service are welcome to register through the McGuire Military & Family Support Center (MFSC), Lakehurst Military & Family Support Center (MFSC), or Soldier for Life-Transition Assistance Program.

For more information about the DoD Transition Assistance Program, please click here.

To register for classes at the McGuire MFSC, please call 609.754.3154.

To register for classes at the Lakehurst MFSC, please call 732.323.1248.

To register for classes at the Soldier for Life-Transition Assistance Program, please call 609.562.1756.

Take These Classes Engineered For Your Success!
Entrepreneurship Track

This two-day course assists service members pursuing self-employment in the private or non-profit sector. Members will learn about the challenges faced by entrepreneurs, the benefits and realities of entrepreneurship, and the steps toward business ownership. Upon completion of the Entrepreneurship track, service members will have developed the initial components of their business plan. After completing an optional eight-week online course, Airmen and veterans will be connected with a small business owner to mentor and guide them through their business start-up.

To register, please click here.

Accessing Higher Education Track

This two-day course assists service members pursuing college education and seeking guidance to prepare for the college application process. The Education track addresses such topics as identifying educational goals, education funding, and researching and comparing institutions. Upon completion of the Education track, service members will be prepared to submit an application to an academic institution, schedule a session with a counselor from the institution, and connect with a Student Veterans Organization on campus. Service members will be able to meet with education counselors for individualized preparation as desired.

To register, please call 609.754.2577.

Career Technical Training

This two-day course helps service members pursuing further technical training to receive guidance in selecting schools and technical fields. The Career Technical Training track addresses such topics as selection of a reputable career and technical training school, the application process from start to finish, how to use certification finder Web tools and other Internet resources that identify licensed occupations, and a military occupational code translator. Similar to the Education track, upon completing the Career Technical Training track, Service members will be prepared to submit an application to a technical training institute/school/program, schedule a session with a program counselor, and connect with a Student Veterans Organization at that facility, or in the vicinity, as available. Technical training experts and VA vocational education counselors will be available to meet individually with service members, as needed.

To register, please click here.

Civilian Resume Workshop

Join us as we learn the basics of civilian resume writing. We hope this information helps you to write your best resume!

To register, please click here.

10 Steps to a Federal Position

Looking for a federal job? We explore the federal system to get a clear understanding of the federal application process!

To register, please click here.

Employment Assistance

The Military & Family Support Center assists individuals with researching and reaching for their career goals. We provide employment skills training and resources to prepare you for a job search, resume writing, interview skills, local job market information, and so much more! We can help you learn about the NJ, PA, DE, NY Area Local, State and Federal job markets, and how to find job sources abroad if you are PCSing, retiring or separating. Open to all DoD ID card holders, including DoD civilians and their family members. Employment services include:

  • One-on-One Career Counseling
  • Career Planning & Networking Techniques
  • Employment & Education Workshops
  • Job Board (Employment Opportunities Postings)
  • Job Search/Job Placement Assistance
  • Resume & Portfolio Development
  • Spouse Education & Employment Assistance
  • 10 Steps to a Federal Job
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