Recreation Center Dix

Excited couple playing video games
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Welcome to FSS Recreation Center Dix!

Bldg. 5905 Doughboy Loop
(Located at the corner of Doughboy Loop and Newport Street)


Hours of Operation:

Thursday - Sunday (including Family Days): 12pm - 10pm
Federal Holidays: Closed

***Click here for the Holiday Hours during the holiday periods***

Open to all Active Duty personnel Only

The FSS Recreation Center Dix is equipped to accommodate 300 people and provide quality recreation to all Active Duty personnel. The facility is equipped with free Wi-Fi, comfortable seating, computer lab, gaming room, theater, board games, a large library of books, acoustic guitars, pool tables, table tennis, air hockey, shuffleboard, dart boards, foosball, and an arcade machine.

In the main room, there are recliners, sofas, a 90″ TV and 3 additional large screen TVs, 2 DVD players and a Blu-ray player to watch new release movies, sports games or listen to music and relax. Movies, food and drinks are permissible within the center.

Monthly Early Release Licensed Movies

The Recreation Center Dix has an assortment of licensed movies that are released 30-60 days prior to access by DVD to the general public. Over 300 movies are available to watch at your leisure.

Computer Lab

The lab has 26 desktops with 6 open stations for laptop use. Patrons may bring their own laptops.

Gaming Room

The Gaming Room consists of three 42″ LED monitors and comfortable seating. The following gaming consoles with a large number of games and accessories are available for your convenience:

  • XBOX One and 360
  • PlayStation 3 and 4
Theater Room

The Theater Room is available to watch over 300 DVD/Blu-ray movies or even to watch cable TV. The room consists of an 8′ projector screen and comfortable theater-style seating with a high-quality Yamaha surround sound system.