Are you a civilian looking to expand your civilian career? Are you a military/civilian supervisor of civilians wanting to increase your ability to mentor your civilians? Then the Joint Base Civilian Professional Development Program (CPDP) Sessions are for you!

The Joint Base CPDP Steering Group hosts its January session "Managing Your Career" on 10 Jan (11:30am -12:30pm) at the ASA Dix Conference Room (Bldg 5435), and a second session (same agenda) on 17 January (11:30am-12:30pm) at Tommy B's Community Activities Center (Bldg 2705 East Arnold Avenue). These sessions review the civilian career pyramid and the process to update your civilian personnel records.

It is the Joint Base CPDP Steering Group's intent to hold monthly sessions to discuss topics of interest to our JB MDL civilians. You are welcome to join us! For details 609.754.5680.