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JB MDL Decennial Olympics

August 15 @ 8:00 am - 7:00 pm

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One event on 08/15/2019 at 8:00 am

One event on 08/16/2019 at 8:00 am

Hosted by 87th Force Support Squadron

Wednesday August 14 thru Friday August 16, 2019

“Ten Events to Celebrate Ten Years”

Celebrate JB MDL’s Decennial in Olympic fashion with Olympic-style Parade and Opening Ceremonies, team competitions at various locations across JB MDL, and spectacular closing Award ceremonies during the FSS Annual Base-Wide Picnic featuring free food, beverage, entertainment, and more! Visit https://gomdl.com/events/jb-mdl-basewide-picnic/ for more picnic event details!

ARMY, NAVY, MARINE CORP, COAST GUARD & AIR FORCE. Personal teams cannot be registered. Teams are formed on an individual basis (first come/first assigned) to available slots.

Open to ALL DoD ID holders.

Register at: http://www.teamsideline.com/sites/jbmdl/form/3435/Decennial-Olympics

31 July 2019 is the deadline to submit a Letter of Intent with completed event rosters. Final Brackets will be made and posted NLT 9 August 2019.

No late entries will be accepted. Not all entries are guaranteed a spot in the competition. If you are selected to participate, you will receive notification from the Branch Ambassador via email regarding team assignments NLT 6 August 2019. Participants will be required to attend an Olympics Event briefing held on 9 August 2019 (date and location TBD).

Gold, Silver and Bronze medals awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for each event.

Plaques or Trophies will be awarded to the respective Branches for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place overall winners. Scoring as follows:

1st place= 300 points
2nd place= 200 points
3rd place= 100 points

All awards presented at the Closing Ceremonies approximately 12noon, August 16 during the Annual Base-Wide Picnic, Doughboy Field.

Event locations, dates and times will be made available once registration opens, however it is subject to change. Final Brackets will be made available to Branch Ambassadors and on the GOMDL website 9 August 2019. Please be sure to check the final bracket.

Swim Relay: 4 people per team
Each swimmer will start on the edge of the pool, when race starts each swimmer will jump into the water racing to the opposite side, turn around at the opposite edge of pool and swim back to the starting side. After swimmer completes a down-and-back swim of pool the next swimmer will repeat after first swimmer. When all swimmers are completed their time stops. Fastest overall time elapsed by team wins.

4 x 100 Relay: 4 people per team
The 4 x 100 meter relay (sprint relay) is a track event where players run in lanes over 100 meters on the track with four runners (one team) completing 100 meter each. The first runners must begin in the same stagger as for the individual 400 m race. Fastest overall time elapsed by a team wins.

Basketball: 5 people playing, 12 person roster

  • The NCAA rules and these bylaws will govern play.
  • Games will be played in 15-minute halves with a running clock. There will be a 2-minute half time. Overtime will be 3 minutes NO REGULATION CLOCK.
  • The last 2 minutes of the SECOND half will be a regulation clock (meaning after each basket is made, after a foul, when the ball is out of bounds.
  • Both teams need 5 players dressed and ready at game time, or the games will be a forfeit.
  • Line-ups should be annotated in the official scorebook 5 minutes prior to game time.
  • Each player will be allowed 5 fouls Technical fouls will be assessed as a personal foul.
  • Each team will be allowed 6 time-outs (3 per half) for the entire game, two 30 second time outs and one full timeout. One timeout for each team in overtime period.
  • No shorts or pants with belt loops or pockets will be worn. No Exceptions!!!!! No jewelry allowed.
  • Mercy Rule: If there is a 16 point difference by the last 2 minutes, game is declared over.

Water Polo: 7 people playing, 13 player roster

  • The playing area is 30m x 20m with a minimum depth of 2m.
  • Teams consist of 7 players in play at any time, 6 field players and 1 goalie.
  • Players are only permitted to use one hand to hold the ball apart from the goalie who can use two hands when within 5m of their own goal.
  • Water Polo will be played in four quarters with each quarter lasting for 4 minutes.
  • Players advance the ball up field by swimming with the ball in front of them or by passing to teammates.
  • Players are not allowed to touch the bottom of the pool and players tread water or swim for the entire match.
  • Teams can only retain the ball for up to 30 seconds without shooting at goal.
  • A goal is equal to one point and is scored when the ball is pushed or thrown completely between the goalposts and under the crossbar.
  • Fouls are made up of ordinary fouls and major fouls. Players are only allowed three major fouls, any more and they are excluded out of the game.
  • If at the end of the game the score remains tied, a shootout occurs to decide the winner.

Obstacle Course: 2 people per team
Each team will have one player (player 1) at the start and one player (player 2) at the end of the course. Player 1 will run through the course fully completing all obstacles and reach player 2 then player 2 will run through the obstacles from finish to start. Team with the fastest time completing all obstacles wins.

Pickleball: 2 players per team
The game begins with one side serving the ball, using the paddle (wood or composite paddle, larger than a ping-pong paddle) to hit the ball (specific light, plastic whiffle ball)

  • To properly serve the ball, the player must keep one foot behind the back line and strike the ball with an underhand swing, aiming at the service court located diagonally over the net, and clearing the non-volley zone.
  • Service starts from the right hand court. Only one fault is allowed.
  • With doubles (2 players), both players get to serve once, then the serve is taken over by the opposing team.
  • Both sides must allow the ballot bounce first before hitting it with the paddle at least one time from start of serve. Thereafter, players may volley the ball (hit without allowing it to bounce), provided they are not within the no-volley zone within seven feet of the net (marked on court).
  • A player or team scores points only when they are serving. A pickleball game is played to 11 points and must win by two points to end the game.

Volleyball: 6 people playing, 12 players on roster

  • 6 players on a team, 3 on the front row and 3 on the back row
  • Maximum of three hits per side
  • Player may not hit the ball twice in succession (A block is not considered a hit)
  • Ball may be played off the net during a volley and on a serve
  • A ball hitting a boundary line is in
  • A ball is out if it hits
  • It is legal to contact the ball with any part of a players body
  • It is illegal to catch, hold, or throw the ball
  • If two or more players contact the ball at the same time, it is considered one play and either player involved may make the next contact (provided the next contact isn’t the teams 4th hit)
  • A player cannot block or attack a serve from on or inside the 10 foot line
  • After the serve, front line players may switch positions at the net
  • At higher competition, the officiating crew may be made up of two refs, line judges, scorer, and an assistant scorer

Bowling: 6 people per team
Teams will bowl through on full game (10 frames), each player bowls with their team. When game is complete the total score per player will be taken, added together and used as their team score. Team with the highest overall team score wins.

Video Gaming: 2 people per team
Each team will play a 3 game series, first team winning 2 games will move on further in bracket. Each game will be one team verses another team until winner is reached.

Tug Of War: 8 people per team
Each team can accommodate a maximum of 8 members. When the mark crosses over to center line, the team to pull the rope to their area wins the game.

Tie Breaker:  Target medicine ball toss: 1 player from the tied teams
One player from each of the tied teams will be at specific distance away from a target marked on the ground closest to the target wins.

Awards Presentation:
Awards given out at the Closing Ceremonies, Base-Wide Picnic, Doughboy Field.

Kids Olympics:
Kids will be able to sign up during the picnic to compete in one or both co-ed events, the 200m Dash and the Long Jump. Top M and F from each heat will receive a medal. All participants will receive a participation takeaway.

Heat 1: 3-4 Year olds
Heat 2: 5-6 Year olds
Heat 3: 7-8 Year olds
Heat 4: 9-10 Year olds
Heat 5: 11-12 Year olds
Heat 6: 13-14 Year olds
Heat 7: 15-16 Year olds
Heat 8: 17-18 Year olds

200m Dash: Timed Run Event.
Long Jump: Kids will line up and get 2 jumps.  The highest will count.  Must jump from 2 feet at once.


Wednesday 14 August 2019

0900-0930 Parade

  1. Tuskegee Airmen Avenue from Big Beige to Pudgy’s Circle MCG

0930-1000 Opening Ceremony

Flagpole intersection of W. Tuskegee Airmen Avenue and McGuire Blvd MCG

1100-1300 Swim Relay Outdoor Pool 5901 Doughboy Loop DIX

1100-1300 4x100 Relay Outdoor Track 16th Street E/Buffalo/18th Street E DIX

1200-1600 Basketball McGuire Fitness Center 2504 POW/MIA Blvd MCG

Thursday 15 August 2019

0800-1200 Water Polo Outdoor Pool 5901 Doughboy Loop DIX

1000-1130 Obstacle Course Doughboy Field DIX

1030-1430 Pickle Ball Griffith Field House DIX

1030-1430 Volleyball McGuire Fitness Center MCG

1430-1600 Bowling Dix Bowling Center DIX

1700-1900 Video Gaming Base Theater East Arnold Ave MCG

Friday 16 August 2019

0800-0830 Championship Volleyball Game McGuire Fitness Center MCG

0815-0845 Championship Basketball Game McGuire Fitness Center MCG

0915-0945 Championship Pickle Ball Game Griffith Field House DIX

0930-1000 Championship Water Polo Game Outdoor Pool DIX

1000-1330 Registration for Kids Olympics 87FSS Tent Doughboy Field DIX


1015-1130 Tug Of War Doughboy Field Sand Volleyball Court DIX

1130-1145 Tie Breaker Medicine Ball Toss Doughboy Field DIX

1200-1230 Awards Ceremony Pavilion Stage Doughboy Field DIX

1400-1500 Kid’s Olympic Events and Kid’s Awards Doughboy Field DIX


The Decennial Olympics is sponsored in part by Andrews Federal Credit Union.


August 15
8:00 am - 7:00 pm
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