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Leprechaun Challenge!

March 17 @ 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Presented by FSS Sports & Fitness Griffith Field House.

Tuesday March 17, 11am to 1pm, free and open to all DoD ID holders.

Registration open March 9 thru March 13.

Leprechauns are known for their mischief and for their Pots O’ Gold. Complete the clues and challenges and get the leprechaun’s gold.

  • Cabbage Crawl: For this event participants push the cabbage with your body no hands 10 yards to complete the first challenge.
  • Irish Potato Toss: Participants will toss different color potatoes into a bin from a distance of 5yds, 10yds, and 15yds. Each potato that lands in the bin will be awarded one, two, or three points. Once you reach 17pts you have completed the challenge.
  • Fighting Irish: A 2 min timed event making it around obstacles and barriers all the while trying to capture the leprechauns gold and bring it back to your starting point. Participants will be equipped with flag belts as they try to avoid getting them pulled by the Leprechaun enforcers. If flag is pulled by enforcer you must leave all gold collected head back to your starting point and work your way back on the course in search for more gold. Challenge is completed once all gold is collected or clock expires.
  • Under this flag you shall conquer: This is basic capture the flag two teams start on opposite sides trying to capture their opponents flag they will be given 3mins to complete this challenge.
  • Clash of Clan Castles: Participants will choose their clans castle once all individuals are based in their castles they will have 3mins to collect as many Irish symbols on the course as possible. Dodgeballs on the course represent cannonballs that can be used to attack opposite clans. If struck by dodgeball participants will leave the symbols collected and return to their castle. Challenge will be completed if all charms are collected are if time expires.

Are you prepared for some shenanigans hunting for the Leprechaun’s treasure? Show-up and show-off!


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