87FSS provides a free comprehensive, metro-style shuttle transportation system for members across the McGuire/Dix area of operation at JB MDL, with future expansion to Lakehurst.

JB MDL consists of 4,000 facilities, spread across 20 miles east to west. Service members and their families who do not own transportation experience difficulty commuting to frequented base facilities such as dining halls, medical clinic, commissary/exchange, etc. The FSS Shuttle Bus provides a safe and enjoyable ride to DoD ID holders, ages 16 and up (ages 15 & under must be accompanied with a parent), free of charge.

SCHEDULE (Full service started 31 July 2019)
- McGuire/FCN Route: Wednesday – Sunday / 1100 – 1900
- Dix Route: Wednesday – Sunday / 1100 – 1900
- Express Route McGuire: Monday – Friday / 1045 – 1345
- Express Route Dix: Monday – Friday / 1045 – 1345

Download ROUTE MAP here

Download SCHEDULE here

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The FSS Shuttle is funded with NAF dollars. In order to maintain this transportation initiative, participation in FSS activities is critical. Our facilities are supported by the use of our JB MDL members and their families. Shop locally, enjoy the many FSS activities available across the entire installation, and help keep these services operational.

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