Volunteer Appreciation Event and Volunteers of the Year Nominating

Thank You

JB MDL Volunteer Appreciation Event will be held 17 April 2018, Tommy B's Community Activities Center, Bldg. 2705 East Arnold Avenue, 1pm-2pm.

We hope all of our JB MDL volunteers and supervisors will attend and be appreciated for the hard work they do. Attendees may register for this event at https://booknow.appointment-plus.com/3yjbr5kq/10 .

JB MDL is excited to expand the Award Categories this year. In addition to the Volunteer Excellence Award (VEA), you will be able to submit nominations for:

JB MDL AD Member Volunteer of the Year
JB MDL Civilian Employee Volunteer of the Year
JB MDL Family Member Volunteer of the Year (ages 18+)
JB MDL Youth Volunteer of the Year (ages 9-17)
JB MDL Key Spouse Volunteer, Ombudsman, Family Readiness Group Leader of the Year

Please click here to download the comprehensive registration and Nomination Guidelines.

We have a few taskers for our Volunteer Agencies and Units with volunteers.

1. Please send a list of your volunteers with their hours for the time period 1 Jan-31 Dec 2017. These hours are used for the ceremonial check that will be presented at the Volunteer Appreciation Event. Please download the attached Volunteer Data Form for your use. Please send NLT 30 March 2018.

2. Attached is the Nomination for Award AF IMT 1206 Form as well as Award Nomination and Recognition information. Please send completed forms to jacqueline.abell.1@us.af.mil by 30 Mar 2018. If you are using Microsoft Edge as your browser, you may need to choose Adobe to open the attachment. If you have any questions please let Ms. Abell know.

3. At the Volunteer Appreciation Event we also be recognizing Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal (MOVSM) Winners and Points of Light Presidential Award Winners. If you have any volunteers that have been given these awards please let us know so we may present/honor them.

4. JB MDL Volunteer Program will be promoting the use of Points of Light for volunteers to register to track their hours. Any JB MDL volunteer may register and track their hours on the web site: http://www.pointsoflight.org  using the JB MDL designation code KKD7477. Please sign your agency up as a Points of Light Agency Certifying Organization.


If you have any questions about the JB MDL Volunteer Appreciation Event, Award Categories or Nomination Form, please contact Ms. Jacqueline Abell at jacqueline.abell.1@us.af.mil or call 609.754.3154